Case Studies

These cases which were treated with lingual appliances by Dr Buckley were chosen to illustrate both the diversity of cases which Dr Buckley treats routinely with lingual appliances and the quality of results which his patients receive.

Each case contains 4 photographic combinations:

  • Pre-treatment or “before” photographs.
  • In-treatment photographs.
  • End of treatment or “after” photographs.
  • The target set up models* which represent the desired finishing point for each patient.

* The target set-up models are the models which were scanned to make the individual (customised) lingual braces and wires using CAD/CAM technology. Please see how close the finished result in the third photograph is to the desired finished result as in the target set up (fourth photograph). The target set up can also be constructed digitally that is a virtual target set up is constructed.

Below are links to 6 selected case studies demonstrating the treatment procedures undertaken by Dr. Buckley (‘Before’ photographs below).